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(This is 100% Legal – this is not an illegal download site)

Reconnect with your family with movie night. Don’t have a movie that everyone can agree on? That’s o.k. you will find something on this movie online streaming app! Upgrade both your home entertainment system and your family night as you download the movies online that help to enrich your life with more drama, humor, intrigue, suspense and mystery! Get the most from your movies online with enhanced, high-resolution visuals and clean, super-crisp sound. Best of all no monthly charge is required.

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Experience the theaters where ever you are. You can use this app on a smart TV, cell phone, computer or tablet, the possibilities are endless, if it gets and the internet though an ether cable or a wi-fi signal then you have access to movies online. Get a unique and diversified movie library that offers you blockbusters as well as cult classics. Watch movies online whenever you want, however you want! There are no restrictions whatsoever; get what you want 24/7, because on this site the cameras are always rolling!

movies online
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How is MyMoviePass Different

Free Movie Downloads are not always “Free” and while they seem like a great deal, do you know if they contain or include viruses?  By using a trusted source like MyMoviePass – you are guaranteed to get clean downloads without viruses.

Free Movie online doesn’t always mean free of trouble… so stick with MyMoviePass and be in the clear, and build an entire Movie Online Library for virtually pennies on the movie.

Once you get your initial library started, the value of MyMoviePass is almost like getting free movies online.  This is the best and most honest way to getting the free movie without compromising ethics, morals or karma.


This is available Worldwide, even in South Africa where downloading movies and gaining access to the hottest movies is one of the highest interests.  Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, India, and through the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and pretty much anywhere with Internet Access. So even if you are a world traveler you can have your movies online no matter where you venture to!

Plug into MyMoviePass and get your Library going, thrill the neighbors and even your family as you create an enviable movie library online.  Think of all the time you can spend watching the hottest movie titles, and all without any hassle or worry about unexpected charges.

Endless Possibilities

Watch Films or Movies Online in the comfort of home, hotel room, in the car, a waiting room or anywhere your at. This boredom buster is great for keeping the kids entertained while you get things done or maybe is the busy mom who is needing a break from reality. It is all available with MyMoviePass.



Now we have all heard the most common excuses for not going to the movies. “Its too crowded” or “Have you checked out the prices on the ticket? Then there is the popcorn and drinks still. I might as well just buy the movie after all that!” Well now Date or family night doesn’t even have to leave the house. Pop the popcorn, grab a drink and get comfortable with your sweetheart for a nice date night that saves money and time.

Your in Control

One of the worst parts of watching a movie at the theaters is the fact that someone will have their cell phone start ringing or the baby down the row starts crying and you can’ t hear the movie. With MyMoviePass you are in control. So even if its your phone that starts ringing or your child needs your attention you can pause the movie and take care of business. Or you may want to curl up by yourself and veg out watching a movie marathon all from your movies online library. nothing like a little you time to make everything all right in the world.

Don’t be the only person who hasn’t seen the latest movie that is at the top of the charts and causing all the gossip with your friends. Be in the know with MyMoviePass. Your friend are going to wonder how you find the time to go to the movies with your busy lifestyle. Don’t worry we won’t tell them if you don’t want them to know…then again you my want your home to become the hang out spot for all your friends. Because as soon as they find out that you have access to movies that they don’t they won’t want to leave. No matter why you get MyMoviePass your going to love the way you can be in control of your entertainment!